Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Anmol Sayal

Anmol Sayal Mp3 Songs
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Album - 2:-
01. Kuj Kuj Hondaye Dil Nu (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
02. Pyar Da Boota Palna Okha (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
03. Akhiyan De Agey Mera Yaar (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
04. Allah Aey Karam Kamayaye (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
05. Menu Teriyan Akhiyan Kaliyan (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
06. Sohne Nasheeley Naina Waleya (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
07. Haan Sada Sareinda Vadayein (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
08. Bhanvein Saari Duniya Koley (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3

Album - 3:-
01. Kaun Ae Bahake Jinhon Kol Ve (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
02. Ve Mein Azlan To Laiyan Tere Naal (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
03. Mera Kallah Jo Hoiyon Yaar Ve (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
04. Menu Samaj Na Aaya Ve Khana (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
05. Asan Mangeya Aey Tenu Rab Ton (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
06. Padhe Likhe Dholey Noo Mein (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
07. Nit Hondi Aey Mobile Uttey Gal (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
08. Dil Ho Geya Yaar Shikaar (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
09. Evein Sakun Sanwal Na Roke (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
10. Ve Aa Tenu Pyar Karaan (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3

Album - 4:-
01. Lut Leyae Sanu Teri Tor Dholna (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
02. Yaaran Naal Kadon Hondyan (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
03. Ve Tu Koora Hai Qasma Na Cha (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
04. Nakhra Jawani Wala Charhya (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
05. Rasm e Wafa Nibhawanran (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
06. Seh Jeya Sohnra Dhola (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
07. Thagaan Da Thag Dhola (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
08. Gori Veenri Wich Kangna (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
09. Jitne Munh Hin Utniyan Galan (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
10. Parh Ke Namazan Nit (Saraikimusic.Blogspot.com).mp3
:- Click Here For Album 1 and 5


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